What I reach for when stressed…

So it’s been 5 days since I had my last refined sugar hit. And let me tell you, I have learnt something I didn’t realise. My sugar intake is directly related to my emotional state.

The past week has been a busy/emotional one juggling a few too many balls in the air at once, which coincided with cutting out sugar. And the end result – I now realise how much I reach for sugar purely because of the way I am feeling.

I feel a bit stressed, I reach for sugar. I get to the end of a big day and I want to celebrate, I reach for sugar. Followed closely by wine! I am rushing around, I reach for sugar.

Now I’m by no means reaching for white chocolate, cream buns or donuts, but it’s still a sugar addiction none the less. And it’s a HABIT!

So it’s been quite challenging stopping myself regularly during the day and making a healthier choice, but it’s also a rewarding one. Because I obviously don’t NEED the sugar, it’s just something my brain is thinking it needs.

Anyone else have this same pattern going on?

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