Why getting my ‘pre-baby’ body back is not my priority

One of the first questions I ask ladies when they contact me about starting training with us is ‘ what are your health and fitness goals’? This is for 2 reasons.

  1. So I can make sure I can actually help you and
  2. Its important for ladies to know where you are headed and what you are aiming for before you just jump in to an exercise program.

The answer I often hear from Mums is ‘I would love to get my pre-baby body back’. Is this you? Have you said this before?

I totally resonate with this, and understand where you are coming from. Some of you are desperate to lose the baby weight and look like you used to. Is this always possible? No. Is this always what you actually want if you really think about it? Usually not. Why – because it is never going to look exactly like it did before you got pregnant. And why should it. You have grown a human inside you for the past 9 months, delivered it, nurtured it, got up at all hours of the night to feed it, fed it from your own body if that was possible and so the list goes on.

As a Mum of 2, I totally know how you feel. But I have also had to accept that I will never look like I did before my babies, and nor do I want to. Because I totally accept that this body is amazing for growing 2 little bambinos, safely delivering them in to the world,  and then feeding them.

I often get comments like, ‘wow, you look great, how can you lose your baby weight so quickly?’ ‘Oh, you’re a PT, no wonder you lost your baby weight so quickly.’ The truth is, breastfeeding sucks the life out of me. I had to stop feeding my daughter at 10months because I was losing too much weight, and my son has done the same thing. I am  lighter now than I was before I fell pregnant – do I like it, no. I don’t like being skinny. Skinny isn’t my aim. Strong, fit and healthy are my aim.

So we can’t always judge a book by its cover. We don’t want to be looking at other women thinking they have it all. Because we don’t know. We don’t know that they are happier than us just because they look the way they are.

Don’t look at another women and presume they have it all. Because you never really know.

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