Top 5 common barriers to exercise & how to overcome them

All too often we use excuses to stop us from getting where we want to be. And exercise is one perfect example of this.

We all have them. We all make them. And we all think they are legitimate and therefore give us the chance to skip that morning exercise.

But are they really serving you? And are they actually that hard to overcome? Here are the top 5 excuses that I hear when it comes to ladies not exercising – and how to overcome them so you CAN achieve your health & fitness goals.

1) I have no time

Change your perception. You don’t need to exercise for an hour a day, 7 days a week. Use time management skills to schedule exercise during your week. Even if it’s just 30min a day, get the body moving. And did you know, a 1 hour workout is just 4% of your day – so no excuses.

If you can’t find a block of ​30min in your day, break up your exercise time into two periods of 15min. Include physical activities that you can perform as part of your daily routine. For example, you could walk for 15 minutes after lunch., take the stairs at work instead of the lift. Work to the shops to pick up the milk. Find a way to move.

2) I’m too tired

Schedule exercise at the time of the day that you feel most fresh, typically at the beginning of the day. Tiredness that prevents us from exercising at the end of the work day is mostly mental fatigue. I have clients coming to me all the time when they start training with us and say ‘exercise actually gives me more energy for the day’. So give it a try, start moving, and see if you feel more energised.

3) I have a young family

A​sk family members to help out with family obligations (e.g., babysitting, household chores) so you can make time for exercise. Another suggestion is to involve family members, so that you can spend time together and exercise as well.

4) I’m too lazy / I don’t have the willpower

Reminding ourselves that our family and friends depend on us to be healthy can help us sustain motivation to exercise. Whenever you notice you’re having negative feelings about exercising, say “STOP!” in your mind then use positive statements, such as “Let’s do it” or “Stay focused”. It truly is a state of mind and it’s about changing the internal chat that you are having with yourself.

5) I don’t like exercise

Choose a fun activity to develop your liking for exercise. It doesn’t have to be running or going to the gym, it might include playing tennis, kicking the soccer ball with your kids, going for a mountain hike with friends or family. Mix it up to avoid boredom.

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