About Amy – the founder of Coreliving

  • I am Amy, the founder of Coreliving. I started Coreliving way back in 2009 to give women the program and place to become the best version of themselves. Since then I have absolutely loved every early morning watching and supporting ladies train hard, have fun and get the most amazing health & fitness results.
  • I have 2 children, Ivy 3 and Charlie 10months. They are worlds apart – a dainty little girl with straight hair and a delicious chubby little boy with ringlets.
  • I grew up on a cattle property in Northern NSW with my older brother and sister, I was home schooled for 5 years, had a pet kangaroo, and spent my weekends mustering cattle and playing outside. My brother and sister and I were all in to athletics (predominately long distance running) so spent a lot of our afternoons driving in to town to join the local little athletics community.
  • I went to boarding school in Toowoomba for 6 years, completed a Bachelor of Business/Marketing in Brisbane, drove around Australia for 12 months working in Perth and the NT, moved to Sydney for a marketing role with HP for 2 years, then to London and worked for The Royal Bank of Scotland in another Corporate Marketing job for 2.5 years, and then saw the light.
  • It was then in 2008, that I decided I was over just being a number in a big organisation, doing something I wasn’t passionate about. So I decided to follow my passion – moved back to Australia and did my Personal Training course.
  • My life long history of sport at all levels including nationals for long distance running, loving Health & PE at school and wanting to help women look and feel amazing, has culminated in almost a decade of owning and running Coreliving.
  • Coreliving has always been about providing a program for ladies to come and feel part of a community. It’s a community of women that share the pain, the improvements, the dinners out and the laughs. You make friends, you build strength, you gain endurance and you walk away from the class at 7am feeling alive. And that’s exactly what I wanted to be able to offer ladies when I first started Coreliving.

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