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Bootcamp training offer - 5days for 5 dollars
Get fit now!

It’s time to take back control of your health & fitness by moving your body. 

Start every day feeling fit, strong & ready to take on life. 

Join our fabulous community of Women to have fun & shape up. 


Group fitness for women – Bardon, Rosalie and Paddington


Hi ladies. I’m Amy and I’m here to help you take back control of your health & fitness and start prioritising yourself finally.

As a mum of 3 little souls, I know the challenge of juggling work, kids and every day life. Not to mention trying to find time to keep on top of your health & fitness and feel good about yourself.

That is why for over 11 years I have been running our Women’s Group Fitness program to ensure that we can provide you with the support, motivation, accountability and amazing sessions that you need to stay fit & healthy.

My passion is to offer sessions that inspire & motivate you to love moving your body, and take away the pain of you having to think about what you should be doing. I also love bringing together local women in the great outdoors and that is why all our sessions are in local Paddington, Bardon and Milton parks.

So if you have been thinking about doing something, now is the time. Don’t put it off. Give it a go. And I guarantee you won’t regret it.

You will feel amazing.

You will look amazing.

And you will be so glad you got started. 

Watch a session in progress

Coreliving is Brisbane’s premier ladies only Bootcamp. Since 2009 we have helped hundreds of local Paddington, Rosalie & Bardon ladies get fit, lose weight, tone up and have fun while achieving the fitness results they so badly wanted.

The reason our ladies achieve is because we offer far more than just exercise sessions. We provide a personalised fitness, nutrition & support program to help you every step of the way.

You will not get bored training with us as each session is different so your body is constantly challenged and you will always get a total body workout.

When you join Coreliving you get much more than just your Outdoor Group Fitness session. You get access to:

  • 60minute Bootcamp sessions that vary and challenge you in different ways so you get fitter, stronger and tone up
  • Access to 2 Personal Trainers who have extensive knowledge and genuinely care about you and your goals
  • Personal service with 24/7 access to our trainers via email/text/PM if you have a question
  • Mindset and nutrition guidance so you have everything you need to achieve your results
  • Measurements, body composition scales and photos to keep you accountable (optional)
  • Private Facebook group where we share ideas, recipes, updates to sessions & more
  • Welcome pack with vouchers from local businesses
  • Emails with recipes, ideas and advice to help inspire you to be your best

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What our members say about us

“Training with Amy & Coreliving has been the best decision I have made in a very long time. The huge variety, social environment, incredibly hard workouts, support, encouragement from my fellow trainees, and above all fun that we all have together, is just a few reason I get up everyday and get into my training – I cant imagine life without training now!”– Rebecca, 33, Red Hill

“I love Coreliving training! Never before have I bounced out of bed at 5.20 am ready to tackle the day ahead! I joined the Coreliving group in early 2013 as it had always been a goal of mine to try out a morning fitness group and I thought what better time than the present.”
– Rachel, 27. Ferny Grove

“I just wanted to say how much you seriously go backwards when you miss training, but…. I have loved that I’ve turned up to my two this week and am feeling a million times better to what I was before”
– Tracey, Paddington

“Just wanted to say to you THANKYOU for all your encouragement. I’ve really enjoyed the year with you….Things I love the most: 1. Variety with something different every day 2. Being outside -because cooped up in an office for the rest of the day sucks 3. Fun and laughs with the group – joint whining is amusing! 4. Yours and Tracey’s Motivation – wish I could look like you 2!”
– Amanda, Rosalie


Amy Abrahams
Amy AbrahamsPersonal Trainer & Yoga Teacher
Amy has been living and breathing outdoor sporting activities since her primary school days, when she competed at a National level in long distance running. Fast forward to 2008 when Amy finally left the corporate world of Communications & Marketing and followed her dream and passion of helping people become more active, more confident and more educated about all things health and fitness.

Amy has not looked back since becoming a qualified Personal Trainer in 2009 and starting her Outdoor Group Fitness and Personal training business – Coreliving.

For over 10 years Amy has also practiced Yoga for her own physical, emotional and spiritual fulfilment, so in 2014 decided to take her studies further and become a qualified Yoga Teacher.

Amy’s background as a long distance runner and running coach also give her a real understanding of injury prevention/management as well as specific training, for your goal events. You certainly won’t find a military training style at any of her sessions, it’s all about working hard, in a friendly, encouraging environment to ensure exercising outdoors becomes a way of life for you.

Katie Thomson
Katie ThomsonYoga Teacher
Katie is a passionate teacher who lives and breathes yoga! She was introduced to yoga in 2008 whilst living in the Pacific Islands and falling in love with this ancient and practical science, completed her first teacher training with Yogi Nomad in Nepal in 2012. Inspired by her teachers, she completed further studies with Ayurveda College in Byron Bay and the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai in 2013. Katie is currently studying a Post Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy (Yoga Therapy Australia) with Dr N Chandrasekaran of the Viniyoga Healing Foundation Chennai, India, who has been complimenting his medical practice with yoga therapy for over 25 years.

Forever grateful to the way yoga continues to enrich her life and the incredible people who cross her path Katie can’t wait to share yoga with you. Teaching a creative vinyasa flow style, come to the coreliving yoga classes to move and breathe, to open your heart and open your mind and experience your own personal and unique yoga.

Tracey McDonald
Tracey McDonaldPersonal Trainer
Tracey has been a Personal Trainer since 2002 helping clients to achieve their goals of not only weight loss but competing in fitness races, improving posture and finding their confidence again. Her own personal fitness background was in Triathlons but has more recently been focusing on running.

Her greatest love is watching her clients realise that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Outside of motivating Coreliving clients each morning at 6am, Tracey loves to travel anywhere she can trek for days, weeks, or months, bikram yoga and of course running!

“ Fitness is not about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be ”


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