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“I just wanted to say how good it is to train with such a great group of people each week.”

When I did my PB push ups today, it was so nice that everyone cheered and celebrated with me. You wouldn’t get that with all groups! Well done to you for keeping us all so positive about our own and other peoples achievements!


Group Fitness Member

“I know I am a better mum for working out with you and your inspiring exercise groups!”

I look forward to seeing everyone and feeling great on my designated exercise days! Thanks for all you do for us, we appreciate your help in keeping us fit and healthy! You are amazing!

Fiona – Mum of 2

Group Fitness Member

“Training with Amy and Coreliving has been the best decision I have made in a very long time!”

The huge variety, social environment, incredibly hard workouts, support (both in person and on email), encouragement from my fellow trainees, and above all fun that we all have together, is just a few reason I get up everyday and get into my training – I cant imagine life without training now, she is stuck with me! Everyday my reflection is changing in the mirror, and until I’m 100% satisfied with it – 5 days a week for me!

Rebecca – 33

Group Fitness Member

“Never before have I bounced out of bed at 5.20 am ready to tackle the day ahead!”

I joined the Coreliving group in early 2013 as it had always been a goal of mine to try out a morning fitness group and I thought what better time than the present. I joined, only planning to stay for a month to tick that goal of my list… easy, right? What I didn’t expect was to be captured by such an awesome, motivated bunch of people. Our trainer Amy is always full of energy and so positive- ready to motivate you and push you to reach your goals. I’ve never been a morning exerciser and was a little worried how I’d go getting up so early to go run, jump, skip and hop around the park… especially in winter! Now I actually look forward to my training days and winter hasn’t phased me one little bit. There’s no time like the present.. so what are you waiting for…?

Rachel- 27

Group Fitness Member

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