Week 4/4: Alcoholic Drinks

The final piece of the puzzle, cut out the demon drink!

If you have made it this far, then total respect is due. By now you should be pretty much eating like a caveman, or more like that farmers of the pre-industrial age. If so your body and brain should be feeling amazing and starting to say thank you in the form of renewed energy, clarity and focus.

So, the last week, and it’s only for 1 week, your challenge is to cut out alcohol. If you are living a really clean eating lifestyle, cutting booze should feel quite natural.

Did you know that a glass of wine can have the same calories as four cookies? How about a pint of lager – surprised to hear it’s often the calorific equivalent of a slice of pizza? And it’s not just as simple as calorie counting, it causes a spike in blood sugars, releasing insulin and preventing fat burning.

Alcoholic drink raise your calorie intake much quicker than you might expect and many parts of your body are affected, so that a lot of processes that should be taking place in your body (including absorbing nutrients and burning fat) are interrupted.

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All alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks contain many calories, raises blood pressure and sugar levels and displace nutrients and water from our body.

We are also more likely to make bad food choices and experience cravings for fatty, salty foods.

Getting up and being active in the morning is a lot harder after a few (too many) drinks the night before.


If you’re out with your friends ask for a alcohol free cocktails made of fruit juice (dont over do it on the juices) and sparkling water or lemon/ lime infused water.

If you think you need to calm down and relax with a drink in the evening, try listening to music, get comfortable with a herbal tea, take a couple of minutes for a meditation or go for a walk.

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