Holidays. For relaxing or keeping fit & healthy?

Whats your day look like during your holidays. Are you active ladies, or do you prefer to sit by the pool and read a magazine?

This morning I was talking to a client about my holiday and she asked me ‘do you sleep in and just chill out all week, or are you one of those people that train really hard while your on holidays?

Well to be honest, I am neither. After 7 years of early mornings to train other ladies, as you can imagine, I am not the best at sleeping in. However, I also don’t sent an alarm when on holidays. So to me, the best start to every day on holidays is… Wake up WITHOUT an alarm (which might be anywhere between 5-6am), go for a run, dive in the ocean and then come home for a healthy delicious breaky and start the day.

So I don’t ‘train really hard’ but I do indulge in the fact that I don’t have clients to start my day, so I get to make the most of doing something physical each morning as this is a real treat for me.

I also don’t over-indulge all week on food I wouldn’t normally eat. But thats because I actually like healthy food. BUT in saying that, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to share a scone with my husband for morning tea, have a wine with lunch, some afternoon nibbles and a drink, or the odd meal of fish and chips.

To me its always been about moderation. Enjoying being healthy, but not being so strict that you can’t enjoy a social occasion because you are fearful of the wine or nibbles you might have.

So as we come in to the warmer months and that means more weekends at the beach, social catch ups with friends, and holidays, here are my holiday tips for staying fit and healthy.

  1. do something phyical each day – that might just be a walk along the beach, or playing with your kids in the park – but make a point of doing something
  2. enjoy yourself, but in moderation. So if that means having a few glasses of wine, then do so, but don’t have a whole bottle, while eating a whole block of camembert, before you go out for fish and chips!
  3. eat slowly and enjoy – if your eating something and instantly feel bad for eating it, we often eat it quickly so the guilt doesn’t last as long. Take the opposite approach. If your going to indulge, eat slowly, enjoy every mouthful and don’t regret it afterwards. If you wish you hadn’t had it, then maybe just make that decision before you have it next time.
  4. And finally. Understand that if you are regularly exercising and then you go on holidays and do absolutely nothing, you WILL find it hard when you get back to it. It always seems like it takes much longer to get fit, than it does to lose that fitness. So it is worth doing something each day to make that transition back in to training easier.


If you are looking for some great Nutrition tips from our in-house Nutritionist, Carissa, then head on over and watch her short 6 minute videos on the top 4 things I get asked all the time about Nutrition from my ladies.



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