Has your fitness plateaued?

Has your fitness plateaued or do you feel like you need to kick start your fitness again?

This weeks fitness tip is a simple one.

Build it up.
That’s it.

So what do I mean by ‘build it up’

I talk in the video above about how about 3 months ago I had an old back injury flare up and so have been unable to run for the past 3 months. Now I have back in to it, but besides wanting to give my back time to adjust to running again, my fitness just isn’t there to go straight out and do a 30min run.

So I have started with 4min jog, 1 min walk. Then the next week was 5min on, 1 min off. This morning I did 11min jog and 1 min walk, and I also included a few hills in there.

So whatever you are doing for exercise, be it strength, swimming, running, walking, working with a trainer etc. You want to be constantly building it up. Give your body a chance to get used to what you are doing and then add some more to it. Maybe its 5 push ups today, maybe its 10 each day next week.

Not only will this help if you are just getting in to it, but it will also ensure that you don’t plateau.

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