When you only have 20 minutes to sweat

Fitting in a workout during a busy day might seem like achieving the impossible. But it doesn’t have to be something you spend 3 hours planning and another hour executing.  This one is for all the ladies who only have 20 minutes to spare to get the heart rate pumping, endorphins running, and to feel re-energised and ready to take on the world.


  • You’ll need a timer for this one. Perform each exercise with 100% effort for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for eight x 20 second efforts on each move followed by a one minute break before moving onto the next move. So if push ups is your exercise, then do 8 x (20sec effort, 10sec rest) then rest for 1 minute and move on to the next exercise.

Here are your 4 exercises:

  1. Push ups with 2 knee to chest – perform 1 push up on toes then staying in high plank draw right knee to right elbow and left knee to left elbow and then repeat push up
  2. Jumping lunge in to squat – left jump lunge, right jump lunge and then squat jump. Use your arms throughout this move to help stabilise you. Take it slow to begin with and up the pace as you get the hang of it. Make sure your knee gently touches the ground on each lunge rep.
  3. Plank – on your elbows and toes, hold your body in a straight line ensuring that your bottom is in line with your back and not above or below.
  4. Backwards lunge with high knee – Lunge back with your right leg and allow your knee to touch the ground gently before pushing off of your foot to drive your knee up in one explosive movement. Do five on your right side followed by five on your left and alternate during your twenty seconds of effort


And your done. See how easy a 20minute work out can be. And I beat your heart rate is up now!


*make sure you warm up well before you start your session, and stretch after the session to cool down your muscles.

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