Managing expectations – it’s crucial to success

I remember chatting with a lady when I was exercising a week before I was due with my 2nd baby. She was amazed that I was still exercising and said she had given up long before then on the exercise front. At that time I still felt pretty good, and had just adjusted my workout accordingly – so it was all low impact and keeping my heart rate down, but for someone who loves to get their exercise fix, it was important for my mental and emotional wellbeing, as much as for my physical health to keep moving until it didn’t feel right.

I also knew that after the birth, it would be a few months before I would be back at it. But even when you know something is coming up, it’s still harder when the time comes and you can’t get straight back out to walking, running, swimming, riding or whatever your favourite exercise is.

So full disclosure, I haven’t found it easy waving goodbye to my husband, toddler and kelpie each morning as they head off for a lovely fresh air walk, as I head back to bed to grab another half an hour before the 4 week old decides he’s hungry again!

But it has also made me realise that sometimes you just have to manage expectations. It has made me realise that starting out/starting back can be super hard and you just need to take the first step.

So for me right now it’s all about trying to walk around the block once a day a few times a week. Next week it might be walking around the block twice a day. Whatever your starting point is, just work with it. Don’t give up just because it all seems too hard. Because trust me, if that was the case, I would give up now. Because being bothered to put my sox and sneakers on for a tiny walk around the block, hardly seems worth it. But it is. Because I know, that each week I am getting closer and closer to my goal of being that person that is heading out the door with the toddler and dog for the morning walk.

So my advice no matter where you are on your exercise/healthy living journey, just start. Baby steps, big steps, whatever it is. Just start and stick with it. Because I guarantee you wont regret it when you do!!

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