I’m only human

I woke up this morning a little nervous, a little sad, and a little bit excited. So basically all the emotions running through my body. It’s now 9am and I’m ready for a nap because the energy I have already burnt is enough for me today J

Tomorrow I start back with my wonderful ladies at Coreliving Outdoor Group Fitness program in Paddington. I have had the past 11 weeks off since having my 2nd baby, while the lovely Tracey has held the fort and put everyone through their paces while keeping them motivated through the festive season.

I’m nervous because, well let’s face it, when you have to get back to reality and routine its always a little nerve racking. I’m sad because I will sometimes have to leave my children with our lovely babysitter while my husband travels for work which for all mothers in the beginning is a little sad and stressful, and Im excited because it means I get to spend the 1st hour of each morning with my ladies making them feel and look amazing and that’s why I love what I do.

It wasn’t until I had 5 minutes to myself that I sat down to think about why I’m feeling all these emotions, and I suddenly realised – Im only human. Everyone goes through this. Some more than others, but as Mothers we have these feelings many times a day.

And it made me think about all my ladies that have come down to training on their first day. Some of them have found Coreliving through word of mouth so they might have known a friend who trains with us, but some are coming down not knowing me or a single person at training. Im sure they were nervous when their alarm went off, or when they first called me to enquire about training, or when they got down to the park ready to train. But the main thing is, that they did it. They got out of their car and took a leap of faith. They picked up their phone and made that phone call that would ultimately change their life.

So that’s what Im going to do. Im going to transition in to being a working mother of 2, feel confident that I am still an amazing trainer, have confidence in my babysitter that she will look after my kids as if they were her own, and remember why I do it, to ultimately change womens lives and help them look and feel the best they possibly can.

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