Tips to deal with Eating Triggers in different locations

I have many clients that say ‘its easy to stick to my diet at home’, but what do I do when Im travelling with work, or out and about? So I thought I would pop down some of my ideas of combating different eating triggers when they occur.

The best way to deal with locations as eating triggers is to have a plan and stick to it. Try these ideas, we find they help us a lot!

  • Supermarket – don’t shop hungry! Eat something before you leave home. If you forget, choose a healthy option to snack on as soon as you get there. Take a shopping list and stick to it, but don’t take the kids.
  • Hotel – have the snacks in your room removed before you get there and place a special dinner order early
  • On a plane – order a low calorie meal when you book your tickets if your heading overseas. Or take a little pack of home made food & snacks with you for shorter trips. Always take a large bottle of water on board with you as well.
  • At a business lunch – start with a jug of water. Make salad a must have menu item. Leave what you can’t eat, and make sure they pack it away straight after lunch rather than leaving it there for everyone to graze on all afternoon.
  • At a party – Don’t go to a party hungry, make sure you have a snack or meal before you go. Move away from the food table and find someone interesting to talk to. If you are going to a party where you are taking your own plates of food to share, make sure you take a lot fat option so you can choose that if need be. No one will notice your ricotta cheese and sweet chilli sauce dip is actually low fat.
  • At work – keep some healthy options handy for when things get busy. Small pieces of fruit, natural nuts, homemade breakfast bars will all keep you away from the vending machine.
  • Home alone – have a healthy stock of foods available and pick one or two as your trigger back up foods. These are choices that are good enough to satisfy cravings for foods higher in fat or energy. For example. Natural greek yoghurt with chopped banana or berries or nuts.

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