Bikini Body Now.

So your aim is to look great when you hit the beach in your bikini?

Well ladies, I have the answer. And trust me, it won’t break the bank. It won’t mean you are eating lettuce leaves for a month. And it won’t mean going for a 15km run every day!

You may think it’s too late now as it’s already beach weather and it’s going to take months to get you looking and feeling great. But this isn’t true. You just need to start. And if you aren’t sure ‘where’ to start, then I have put together my top 4 tips on getting your bikini body now!

Tip #1 – Exercise

In order to look & feel great, exercise is non-negotiable, it must be done. I don’t mean you must go out and smash yourself lifting weights, or run till you think you might die. I mean you must do something you enjoy, consistently, and for 30min or more.

Exercise can include dancing, kayaking, tennis, soccer, netball, swimming, running, going to the gym, joining your local bootcamp, running around with the kids at the park and the list goes on. So don’t limit yourself to something you don’t enjoy, or you wont stick with it. So my biggest tip is – find the exercise you love, and go for it!

Key exercise tips:

  • Exercise for atleast 30min each day
  • Chose the exercise you love so you stick with it
  • Find a friend or group to keep you accountable and motivated (it’s very easy to fall off the wagon)
  • Mix it up – if you chose to go to the gym, don’t do the same circuit every day. Not only will you get bored, but your body wont get the maximum benefits if your doing the same thing every day
  • Work at a high intensity – being out of breath is great (but don’t extend yourself too much, work within your current ability


Tip #2 – Eat Well

Paleo, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, blood type diet, vegan, 5:2, vegetarian – wow how are you to know which diet is right for you? My tip – don’t diet!

I chose the 80:20 rule, making healthy choices 80% of the time, and giving yourself a break for the other 20%. That doesn’t mean eating a full packet of tim tams and a bucket of icecream, but it just means that don’t be super strict on yourself all the time.

Nutrition is all about nourishing the body so it can give back to you the best it can. Our day needs to include wholegrain cereals (think brown rice, seed/grain bread, buckwheat/wholemeal pasta), fresh vegetables (from all the different colours & textures), lean protein (think fish, chicken, lean red meat), legumes (think kidney beans, lentils) and dairy (think natural greek yoghurt, feta cheese, ricotta)

And if we are eating all of the above, there won’t be any room for nasties, or any desire to consume those nasties.

Key Nutrition Tip:

  • Homemade meals are so much better than takeaway (you know what your eating & how it was cooked)
  • Shop from your local fruit & veg shop, butcher and bakery. You will hardly have any need to go to the supermarket!
  • If you fall off the band wagon, get back on! Don’t stress – just jump back on and try and stay on there a little longer next time!


Tip #3 – Hydrate

Hydration is such an important factor is looking and feeling great, but often one that is overlooked. There are 2 key elements that I want to share with  you today about Water.

  1. Water is important to properly metabolise food. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will help the body process and transport nutrients and excrete any waste products once they are metabolised.
  2. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. So before you reach for that mid morning or early afternoon snack, have a big glass of water first. You might surprise yourself and have been thirsty and not hungry, and then those extra calories you were going to put in to your body, have just been saved.


Tip #4 – Meditate & Yoga

You may be thinking, how does meditating help me look great naked? Well here’s the thing. When we slow down, breath and focus on all the things we are grateful for in our life, it usually puts a smile on our face and changes are mental thoughts from negative to positive. And when we are feeling better about life, we make healthier choices, think about how we want to nurture our bodies, and look after ourselves. How can that not make us healthier and happier?

And on to my favourite subject at the moment, yoga. You may not be aware where the word yoga comes from. It’s the union of breath and movement. So during a yoga class our muscles are getting nurturing stretching, lengthening and strengthening, but we are also filling our body with breath.

So there you have it, our 4 easy steps for being bikini ready. Pretty simple hey? Honestly ladies, you don’t need to go to extremes, and on a strict diet. You just need to follow a few simple guidelines (which I have outlined above) and you will be well on your way to looking and feeling amazing.


And if you are still stuck with getting started, then why not give me a call like hundreds of other ladies have, and I can help you get started. It’s easy once you know how. Amy 0412230926

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