8 years ago…

8 years ago I embarked on what would be a life changing career change – I started Coreliving – Group Outdoor Fitness. And if you had told me that I would be still loving my ‘job’ 8 years down the track,  would not have believed you – but I do! And wow how time has flown!

While living in London, and after 7 years of Corporate Marketing, I decided I wanted to do what I love – something that involved fitness or nutrition, and work for myself so I wasn’t just a number in a big corporation. So I moved home, started my Personal Training course and gave away the corporate world for early mornings & active wear.

And today marks 8 years of the best decision of my life. Here are some interesting facts

  • It’s been over 2000 early mornings
  • Have trained over 500 Paddington, Rosalie & Bardon locals
  • Have NEVER slept through my alarm
  • Have had 2 sick days – both from gastro!
  • Have had 2 of my clients (that didn’t know each other before) get married and have 2 kids
  • Have got married and about to have my 2nd child – all with the support of my lovely clients and fellow trainers
  • Have helped clients lose hundred of kilos, fall pregnant, get ready for their wedding day, feel amazing, learn to love early mornings, make friends and realise that being fit & healthy is the only way to live!

So while I reflect on the past 8 years and how proud I am of what I have achieved and what I continue to help my ladies to achieve, it also makes me realise that what you do everyday needs to be something you love. Otherwise how will you wake up every day with the energy you need to conquer the day successfully, AND inspire your friends and family to do the same?


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