5 Top Tips to Enjoy Easter without the Guilt

With Easter just around it’s important we get to enjoy this festive time with friends and family without feeling guilty for the extra calories we may be consuming with Easter Eggs and hot cross buns.

So here are our 5 top tips to enjoy Easter without the guilt.

  1. Choose wisely – Did you know a milk chocolate easter bunny has double the sugar of a dark chocolate lindt bunny? For the least added sugar, choose dark chocolate (70% cocoa) which has the added health bonus of antioxidants
  2. Pick a smaller size – You don’t have to buy the biggest bunny for yourself or the kids. Buy a smaller one and enjoy every mouthful with half the calories. That way you are still enjoying the chocolate but without the extra guilt
  3. Start the day right – Start your Easter Sunday with a walk, run, play in the park with the kids or some form of exercise. Not only will this burn some of the calories that you will be consuming later in the day, but it will also start your day feeling healthy and less likely to reach for all the freshly toasted hot cross buns or delicious easter bunnies waiting for you
  4. Plan ahead with healthy snacks – Always have fresh fruit, nuts, or other healthy snack alternatives available so that when your feeling hungry you don’t reach straight for the calorie dense options.
  5. Be happy with your decision – once you have decided to have an easter egg or other Easter treats, eat it slowly, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty. That wont help anything and just makes you stress about your decision to eat it in the first place. So enjoy it and then get back to being healthy tomorrow.

Everyone at Coreliving would like to wish you a Happy & Safe Easter. And remember keep moving and enjoy your Easter with Friends and Family.

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