Your last excuse has just gone back to school!

Have you been using your kids as an excuse not to exercise while they have been on holidays? News Flash ladies… they are now back at school. Which means you can get back in to your daily routine of exercising, eating well and looking fabulous.

I know its very easy to get in to bad habits when everyone is on holidays, your days are filled with getting kids to play dates, activities, and entertaining them. But it’s now time to focus on you again. Because remember, without you functioning at 100%, the household doesn’t function at 100%.

Here are our top 5 tips to getting back in to it post school holidays:

  1. Just start: Start with a 5 minute walk to school with your kids. Start with taking the dog for a walk or run after school drop off. Start with 10 squats, 10 push ups and 10 dips. Start with a 20minute walk/jog. Start with anything. But just start. TODAY!
  2. Make sure you start off steady, especially if you haven’t been keeping a regular exercise routine. It’s wonderful to be full of energy and motivation on day 1, but if you go too hard too early you risk injury and burn out. You want to create a lifestyle routine for exercise, something you will be able to continue forever. Not a 7 day challenge to go as hard as you can for 7 days and then never exercise again.
  3. Find a buddy: Have a next door neighbour who wants to get fit as well? Have a friend that can meet you in the park or on the river? Have a local group fitness program you can join? Whatever works for you – find someone to be accountable to. It’s very easy to snooze that alarm when you don’t have anyone expecting you. It’s also very easy to just do 1 round of exercises when you had told yourself you want to do 5. But when you have someone motivating, supporting and keeping you on track, I guarantee it will help you stay motivated for longer and lead to far better results.
  4. Celebrate the small wins: If you don’t run a marathon in week 1 – that’s totally ok. And actually unless you have been running lots, I would advise definitely not to J So make sure you celebrate the small wins. Be proud of yourself for getting up and exercising in the morning, acknowledge when you walk or run a little further one morning. High five yourself when you go a whole week without hitting the snooze button. I guarantee, when you feel good about exercising, you will enjoy it more.
  5. Set yourself a goal: So week 1 of your new exercise regime is done and you are starting to enjoy getting back in to it again. Now is the time to set yourself a little goal. We all work harder when we have something to focus on and work towards. So pick an event, plan something with your buddy, write down a weight loss goal if you need to lose weight, not down how many push ups you can do in 30sec now and try and beat it in 4 weeks time. There are so many options for setting goals. So chose the one that works best for you, write it down and then start working towards it. And don’t forget to celebrate when you achieve it.


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