Are all Peanut Butters the same?

Do you love peanut butter like I do? Or do you stay away from it because you think it’s bad for you because of the word ‘butter’?

I love adding it to smoothies, slices, pancakes, toast and the list goes on. But do you really know what is in your peanut butter?

Let me assure you, you don’t want to be eating commercial Peanut Butter anymore. I recently did some research for those of you who buy your peanut butter. Surprisingly, many have added salt, oil & sugar. Why? Why is it necessary for companies to continue to add crap to a product that doesn’t need it? Well they do it, people buy it and therefore they continue to add it.

Here are my top 2 brands that I would recommend – Mayver’s or Pic’s Peanut Butter . They are both in this image up the top. Stay away from all the other brands unless you can clearly see on the ingredients list that it’s 100% nuts!

Or better still, make your own. Just blitz on high whatever nuts you want and hey presto, ‘nut butter’ is delivered to you.

I started making my own nut butters a few years ago when I invested in a powerful blender, so if you have a blender then make your own. You know exactly what you put in it, you have it on hand whenever and you will start to realise how much sugar the shelf varieties can have in them.

I know a lot of recipes for home made nut butters say add oil, but I don’t. I just blend for longer and trust me, there is enough oil in the nuts to make a nice creamy nut butter from scratch, with just nuts. My favourite type is to add almonds, peanuts and walnuts, but if there are any other left over natural nuts in the pantry, they also get added.

Its all about knowing what is in the food you are eating, and making from scratch is the best way to know that!


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