Febfast Challenge wk3

Week 3: Processed Foods

In addition to week 1 and 2 items, cut out all processed foods

By cutting out sweet treats and simple carbs you’re probably already including a lot more fresh vegetables and fruits in your meals.

But what about that quick and easy meal out of the freezer or the sauce that you just have to mix with hot water? Yes, you’ll get a meal that might taste alright in a few minutes, but do you actually know what you are putting into your system?

Stay away from anything that is packaged in boxes, cans or bags and stock up with “real” food! An easy tip is when you go to the supermarket – only shop from the outside areas – not all the isles. So stay in the deli, butcher, and fruit and vege section as much as possible!


Canned food, ready meals, frozen meals, packet meals, sachet meals / snacks

Most processed foods are full of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, coloring agents, pesticides and trans-fats but lack in nutrients. Synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to “enhance” their nutritional content lost by processing.

Some of the many additives are thought to have the ability to compromise the body’s structure and function and might be related to the development of skin, pulmonary and psycho-behavioral conditions.

Your taste buds become used to the strong flavors of processed foods and make you want to add more salt or sugar to the natural flavors of whole foods.

Always check the label and avoid anything with more than 5 ingrdients!


Buy fresh, clean food. In most supermarkets you’ll find unprocessed, healthy whole foods on the outside edge of the store.

Or even better go to your local fresh produce market. 

Plan ahead and take your own meals and snacks with you.

Cook bigger portions for dinner, so you can take some for lunch the next day.

Some meals and sauces can be kept in the freezer. So you can cook up a bigger batch and defrost it when in need. That way you know what you get on your plate.

Use your favourite herbs and spices to create flavours that you like and taste the difference.

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