Febfast Challenge week 2

If you missed what Febfast is all about – here are the details.

We have taken the FebFast concept and added a twist to turbo charge it! The way we are going to do it is give you a specific unhealthy food type each week that you have to give up for that week and the remainder of Feb. So by the end of Feb, you will have cut out 4 things all together and hopefully make some lasting changes for the long term.

How does the challenge work?

  • STEP 1: commit to sticking with febfast for the WHOLE of february
  • STEP 2: starting Feb 1st, give up an unhealthy food type each week for the 4 weeks, starting with sweet treats. So week 1 you give up sweet treats, week 2 is sweet treats PLUS simple carbs, week 3 is sweet treats, simple carbs, PLUS processed food etc.

Week 2: Simple Carbs

In addition to sweet treats, cut out simple carbs.

How are you tracking with the first week of our FebFast Challenge? Have you made some substitutions to your usual 3pm sugar treat fix?

So are you ready to add the next layer to our fast? Now that we have cut out all sugary stuff, we could think that our blood sugar levels will be stable.

But not if we are still filling up on simple carbs. Their starches get broken down quickly in the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream as glucose. This causes a rapid spike in blood sugar and insulin levels and you know what this leads to… body fat, hunger, cravings…

Let’s stay away from this unhealthy food type!


All types of bread, pasta, rice, white potatoes (with the exception of brown rice if you need your carb fix)

Grains contain phytates, which block the absorption of certain nutrients like zinc and magnesium and gut-permeability increasing proteins called lectins.

Wheat contains gluten, which can cause digestive issues, pain, bloating, tiredness and other symptoms.

Most commercial bread types are highly processed and contain sugar and other additives, such as preservatives, colouring and flavouring.


Use Quinoa- and Buckwheat– flours and flakes, they are packed with nutrients, contain more protein and won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

Try replacing your normal flour with nut flours, they will also add healthy fats into your dishes.

Increase the amount of vegetables in your meals and rethink habits like “needing” a starchy side with your curry, stir fry or sauce.

Try beans or chickpeas instead of rice and pasta.

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