Join the challenge, combat the winter bulge & SAVE $$

Join us for our 8wk Winter Challenge and get unlimited sessions for just $200 PLUS the winning pair will receive a grand prize of a brand new pair of sneakers.


What it is:

  • The Coreliving Winter Partner Challenge is a fitness & food event that will take place over 8 weeks
  • The purpose of the ‘WPC’ is to reignite your motivation during the cooler darker mornings, and to increase your exercise habit so you can feel fitter, trimmer, stronger and more fabulous at the end of Winter, instead of sluggish, podgy and de-motivated
  • In pairs you will compete to accumulate the most points by the end of the 8wk challenge
  • Points will be awarded for weekly exercise participation, sunday night text commitment, sticking to your committed sessions and fun fitness & food challenges
  • A grand prize of a brand new pair of sneakers (to the value of $200) will be awarded to the individuals on the winning team.

  Why Would You Get excited and committed to the ‘WPC’

  • Because you are feeling a little sluggish and demotivated during winter;
  • Because you feel too time-poor to fit in the amount of exercise you’d like to be doing;
  • You want to prioritise some more exercise into your week but don’t feel motivated enough to stick to your own plan;
  • You want to ramp up your fitness level in a really fun, friendly, team-spirited way;
  • To lose weight;
  • To have an exercise buddy to motivate, laugh and train with;
  • To feel supported by an exercise buddy as you know this helps you to make sure you do it;
  • Because you enjoy a little playful competitiveness!!!
  • Because you have holes in your sneakers and need new ones!


Register your details below to be a part of our exciting challenge. Once you have registered we will be in touch with all the details on the challenge.


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